Route 8 – Dry Thoughts EP (LT004)

Budapest producer Route 8 delivers a delightful debut EP, released on London-based label Lobster Theremin. We begin with Pacific Paradise, where the shimmering pads and brusque drum patterns announce the color for the album: a perfect balance of sweet and hard. As we sink into the track, the tension builds up and releases gently, accompanied by echoes of bells and claps that give a definitely tropical feel to this introduction track.

Then comes I can’t. Distorted voices coming right from your childhood cartoons grab you into this strange universe. A slow, swaying synth makes it feel like a big, living creature is breathing next to you, while another story starts developing: a little acid machine is bumping around and playing with the snares in a warm forest of sounds.

On the B-side, a bass line begins to bounce, and bounce and bounce, and the claps are clapping. With Dry Thoughts, Route 8 can make house music, and he does it with his own personal touch –another organ synth is shivering in the background and punctually spraying geysers of analogue bliss, while a higher melody line is here to talk with you.

Withoutyou is a track that asks you to close your eyes. A continuous undertone, so faint yet so heavy, gives a red line for the playful explorations of the other parts.



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