Montevideo Techno (Montech)

Montevideo Techno just started not so long ago by the hand of Lubolo on Repique Records. There are other artists from Montevideo  like Marcos Coya on Gas Grabaciones or Z@p in Ouzomusic and Fede Lijt worked or are also working on electronic music with  Candombe rhythms and the list is starting to grow. First baptized by Javier Zugarramurdi as Techdombe and now re-baptized Montech (Monetevideo Techno), taking the idea from the legendary electronic music genre Detroit Techno and following the tradition. The Montevideo Techno just started, but after 2 Ep’s and one album it looks like artist like Lubolo are here to stay and keep on working on it. Montech is starting to infect many other electronic music producers from Uruguay that will help establish this sub-genre of Candombe gooved Techno.

Long life to Montech!! (Montevideo Techno)