Knob Rec Tanzbar – MFB

Knob Rec Tanzbar – MFB

Here you have the instructions on how to use the function Knob Rec Tanzbar.


1. Press and hold shift and then press Knob Rec

Every time you press the Knob Rec will switch from red to green. (While holding Shift).

Green = off

Red = on

So make sure the light is red and press the Select button to activate the function.


2. Press and hold the Sound button and select any instrument.

3. Press the Sound button again and the recording will start on the first step of the pattern and will record until the step 16 is reached.

So that is the time you have to move the selected instrument knob to be recorded. (From 1 to 16).


How to Knob Rec Tanzbar?

Knob Rec Tanzbar

Knob Rec Tanzbar