Genius of Time – Juno Jam EP (RB048)

For a refreshing feel, try Genius of Time’s Juno Jam EP, released on the German label Running Back.

The first track of the EP, which made it into RA’s top tracks of 2014, prepares the way for a delightful fluttering synth. The drums, the bass, at the beginning, are all waiting for something – and when the parts finally click together, everything in the world just feels so good. The melody comes and goes, never getting too heavy. And when the atmospheric pads and playful acid sounds join the party, you will realize the serious afterhour-dancefloor potential of this track.

The second track, titled ‘Tom Jam’, turns that smooth atmosphere to the jungle and wants to make you sweat a little. Mix that in with some hot jaus like Delroy Edwards or Leon Vynehall and you’ve got your friends bouncing around like kangaroos.

Djungel Jam brings us deeper and closer. The dolphin-like sonars and tribal toms tell you to shake it, but in this knit of dance vibes a serious gleam is slowly increasing, increasing and looming around. The harmonics are tickling that special part in the back of your head and building up until –– !!


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