jaus.co is an electronic magazine for house and techno music based in Berlin. We started this house and techno magazine cause we love house and techno music. And the cool thing is that we are based in Berlin, wich is the international home of house and techno music of the world. In here you will find information and reviews of house and techno music artists and releases. Also we will publish stuff related to house and techno music production, like software music production and also hardware for music production such as synthetizers, drum machines and modular synthetizers. In jaus.co techno and house music is our life, we breath it every day. If you read “jaus” in spanish you will pronounce “House”.

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My Sodium Memories by Dave Campbell

My Sodium Memories by Dave Campbell

Hello friends! Not long ago we discovered the music of Hi-Ryze due to his new releases as Hi-Ryze and 62nd Cell. And like always in jaus.co we are interested a lot in electronic music recordings, gear and stories. So we contacted Mr. Dave Campbell aka Hi-Ryze and asked him about the recording of his 1995 album(…)

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